Saturday, April 25, 2009


**Wholesale orders or inquiries-

Please contact us at

Click Picture (above) to open Catalog pdf.

Thanks you so much for your support! We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.


*Minimum order- 12 patterns

*We appreciate pre-payment of first orders. Subsequent orders will receive net 30 terms.

*No returns

Shipping Charges:

United States Orders

Orders of up to 12 patterns- $5.00

13-36 patterns- $11.00

36 or more patterns-Actual shipping

International Shipping:

We will ship Via Global Priority Mail. Shipping charges will be billed accordingly.

**To qualify for Wholesale pricing you must have a Tax ID number, and a Brick and Mortar Store or Proprietary E-commerce store. To protect our Vendors, we will not sell to ETSY, Ebay, or Amazon sellers that sell for less than our suggested retail price.

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