Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Ornament Tutorial

I am a total Christmas junkie!
We start decorating our house before Thanksgiving so that we can enjoy the season longer.
I am so excited to share one of my ornaments with you today. It is very quick and easy to make!
The Button Wreath

You will need-
Craft Glue (I used jewel glue), or a hot glue gun,
Ribbon for the hanger,
and Buttons!
Step one- Trace a circle on some waxed paper.

Step 2- lay your bottom layer for the wreath.
Step 3- Start your second layer. Overlap the two of your bottom layer buttons until all of the spaces are covered..... this.

Step 4- Keep layering buttons!

(don't worry! The glue dries clear!)

Step 5- Make another one....and another....

Step 6- If you used craft glue, let it dry!

Step 7- Tie it up with ribbon.

...and hang on the tree!!!

These are also great to tie onto the top of your packages!
Don't forget to gome back on Monday to see the Giveaway-o-rama!
Have a fantastic Christmas Season everyone!
Jana Nielson aka Lola


  1. Jana, This is just darling! I love it!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have ten million buttons -- no seriously. Ten million. This is a great idea for our tree next year (I say next year because if I do it THIS year, I'll faint -- after what we did to the tree already, I am DONE!)


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