Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easter Crafting Inspiration.

I realized on Saturday, while I was getting ready to host a party at my house, that I have a serious lack of Easter/ Spring themed decorations. 

This struck me as odd because I have a serious Over-Abundance of Christmas decor.

I need some inspiration to get me started on the projects, so I'd share the things that I found on the internet!
I love these stuffed eggs made from your fabric scraps by Retro Mama.  Heaven (and my husband) knows I have plenty of fabric scraps.  I am afraid to throw any of them away for fear I might need that 1" piece someday.

I know a couple of kids in my house that would get a kick out of this cutie-pie little Easter Birdy by MollyChicken.  The egg filled pocket is so sweet!

Again, with the scrap busting is this fabric Easter Basket by V and Co via Moda Bakeshop.  It would be perfect to keep the decorated eggs in.

Whipup shares the Chickummyjig.  I love the tape measure legs!

Lastly, I found this tutorrial for these cute little Bunny gift bags by Everyday Celebrating.  I think these would be fun to make with the kids.

What crafting do you have planned for Easter/ Spring?  Send your links!


  1. hint: see the moda bake shop tomorrow.

  2. I just made 7 of Retro Mama's eggs last week..soo cute and easy. thanks for blogging these ;)

  3. Hi just posted my first tutorial on something for the Easter Bunny , I hope you like them . The ones you have here are great , thanks .

  4. Thank you for this post!! I'm excited about these adorable spring projects.

    Thank you for the great blog, I enjoy reading it so much!


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