Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nature's Prank

I awoke, this fine April 1st, to my husbands voice wishing me a "Merry Christmas".
I laughed because I thought that he had been trying to fool our little kids.
Then I opened the bedroom curtains.

Winter has been teasing us for the last week.  We've had a few flurries.  But this was Mother Natures big prank!

There will be no hanging the wash on the line today!  No crisp, sun-smelling sheets on the bed tonight.

I won't be sitting in my favorite spot, watching the kids ride their bikes.

I guess we'll stay snuggled up, in the little yellow house with the red door, and drink Hot Cocoa with marshmallows in it.  Maybe we'll all sit on the big couch, under quilts, and read our favorite stories. 

Maybe...This one last taste of winter wasn't such a bad Prank after all.

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  1. Oh that would be a nasty april fool's joke. I sure hope it melts soon:)


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