Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here They Are....New Patterns!

We couldn't wait one second longer to show you our new patterns!
So, here they are....

Meet Petunia.... Penelope Ruffles' fraternal twin sister.  Our sassy and flirty new bag!

Abby Applique-  A huge collection of Applique patterns for use on whatever your heart desires.

Addie Joe Skirts- One little package that includes instructions to make 5 different skirts.

Millie Market Bag- She is so Sweet.  A big bag FULL of pockets!.....and those flowers!

Ruthies Romper- Could this jumper get any more adorable??  I say nay nay!

And finally...
Sally Sells Sea Shells By the Sea Shore Sun Hat
But we'll just call her Sally for short....
This hat is a MUST for every girl you know!
(includes instructions for the cutie flower too!)

Are you as excited as we are!



  1. Yes. I am just as excited as you. I'm loving every single one of those. (sigh)

  2. fantastic new patterns!!! i can't wait to see the samples in person next week!

  3. Wow just Wow they are amazing.

  4. Love them! when and where can we purchase them?

  5. Just love the romper!! I just had to go down to Gracie Lou's in Salem and pick up your hat pattern last week, and ended up with a few more than that. We have a mutual friend (Arica S.), whom I teach with. She was so excited when I was talking about this adorable hat I was making, when she found out it was yours. If you ever need a pattern tester... let me know.

  6. I want the hat pattern. Also what fabric did you use? I love it.

  7. so cute. I think I love the applique the best :)

  8. Wow, great patterns! My daughter's name is Addy Jo (Adeline Josephine)!

  9. I'm excited ! They are great patterns !

  10. These are all so fantastic. Love them. Congrats.

  11. Please let us know where we can order the patterns..... I NEED THAT SUN HAT! heehee

  12. LOVE the new patterns. I got to see them in person this weekend at market. LOVE!
    Can't wait to get them in my shop!


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