Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coming Soon!

Wow!  Sorry it has been so quiet around here lately. Summer was distracting and kept us moving.

As you already know, Lauralee has been busy this summer growing a baby and giving birth. She and her new little sweetie pie are doing great, and we hope she'll be able to blog very soon. (hint hint)

Shasta has had quite the summer hanging out with her 7 kids (baby turns one this week), and traveling.  Can't wait for her to tell us about everything she saw in London.  She even brought back some Liberty of London to drool over.

School starts next week, and life will return to it regular schedule.

I do have one little tiny bit of exciting news-
 We are getting a brand new website! 

We can't wait to show it off .

Oh yeah!  We do have a few patterns that are in the works too.
Stay tuned!

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