Thursday, October 21, 2010

Face Painting

Are you tired of Halloween stuff yet?
I'm not!
Last week we went to a fun Halloween carnival and corn maze. The girls wanted there faces painted, so we did. It is so easy to do and lots of fun. I let them pick what they wanted and we got busy.

All you need is a brush and some acrylic paint. It dries fast and washes off really easy. So if you are off to a fun Halloween activity you should try this. Sorry my post is so short we are busy busy busy trying to get ready for market next week.
Remember to have a fun and fabulous Halloween!!


  1. Triple love the web. I'm really liking the headbands as well with the spider. Did you make those as well?

    I talked my daughter into going to Target to get one of those packets that has the headband w/ears, tail and bow tie for work instead of spending a fortune on a costume....

    I've been working on a subway Halloween sign, I'm totally loving it.

    I love all the festivities that surround fall and Halloween.

    I get some strange looks and not so nice comments from people under their breath when they hear our 2.5 year old granddaughter walking around the store with great delight saying "oh hajaween" and especially when she goes past the items that light up or make sounds and says "spooky".

    Cute girls and cute pic!


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