Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gabby's Sleepover Jammies...

This is the last design in the fall collection. Lola says they are jammie's, but personally, I am making these for Bella with the intention of putting leggings underneath for everyday wear. I just think they are way too cute for p.j.'s! Don't get me wrong, these are adorable sleeping clothes, but who sees the cuteness when she is sleeping? The Tooth Fairy? If I do make some for pj's, I will make them out of fuzzy flannel, what about you?

We've had some questions in regards to how to get the new patterns. We sell wholesale only, we do not compete with our retailers. As soon as we get home from market, we will be updating and adding all the stores that carry our products. We are also entertaining a turn-key site that would enable customers to order one pattern, it would then kick that order to the closest retailer carrying the pattern. A win win for the customer and retailer in our opinion, just trying to work out the bugs.

Happy Sewing!
Shasta :o)


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