Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Turkey Headband Tutorial

I love making headbands for my girls.
This is what I came up with for Thanksgiving.
My girls loved how it turned out and I'm sure your little girl will love it too.
So let's get started
-brown and orange felt
-18-22" brown zipper
-Needle and thread
-glue gun
-Headband or hair clip
-2 googly eyes
Unzip your zipper all the way and pull apart hard to get the metal clamp at the bottom off. You will have 2 pieces now. With your needle and thread stitch a running stitch along the edge of the zipper tape on the side with out teeth.

Pull thread so that it curls up. This helps with making your zipper body.

Curl your zipper into a spiral. Stitch into place.

Cut 1 piece of brown felt the same size as your zipper spiral. cut 1 piece of brown felt a little smaller. Cut a triangle beak.

Glue feathers on top of the larger brown felt circle.

Glue zipper spiral on top.

Glue on your googly eyes and beak.

Glue turkey to the headband or hairclip.

Glue the smaller brown piece of felt on the back of the other piece covering headband.

Your Done! This was so fun to make. We would love to see your turkeys. Remeber to put your izzy and ivy creations on our flickr group.
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Sewing!!

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