Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Adventures

I think it was only 3 days ago that I remembered that December was coming and the kids would be expecting something fun and exciting to happen.
You see, each year I try and come up with little daily surprises for my kids to help them get ready for MY favorite holiday.
Sometimes we have a regular, candy filled, advent calendar...
some years one of Santa's elves visits every day with little letters of encouragement (and reprimands for extra naughty children....)

This year I decided to do 4 different Advent calendars
Mostly because I have 4 younger kids that would fight over who got to open the thingy each day.
This year they get to rotate what they open each morning.

The first calendar I made years ago. It is a wonky little tree with pockets. Each day you move the Star closer and closer to the top of the tree.

This next one is snack pockets. I loaded each pouch with 4 small treats, one for each kid.
 (like Tootsie Roll, or Dum Dum sucker. Nothing too big)
I put up envelopes on for the weekend days. They will hold a note about special breakfasts, or fun deserts for lunch.

For the Third- Little gift bags that hold notes about a different Christmas activity each evening.
I kept these fairly simple like-
*Cocoa and a Christmas Movie tonight
*Make and decorate cookies
*Make cards for Grandma and Grandpa
*See Christmas Lights in town

The 4th is my favorite!
I got a Christmas card holder shaped like a tree.  On it I hung little gift boxes with bits of Bliss fabric on them. I printed off the cute little number circles from a cute little blog that I can't seem to find right now, but I will update this when I do.

Inside each box is a daily challenge. The challenges are things that will mostly help us learn to serve others.
Things like-
*Draw a Christmas picture to give to a neighbor
*Smile at 6 people you don't know
*Tell your teachers "Thank You"
*Talk to someone that looks lonely on the playground
*Let someone else be "First" today

Each night we close our day talking about what we did for others today, and with a Scripture story about the Saviors life to help us prepare for the celebration of his birth.

What do you do with your kids for Christmas fun?
Let the Merriment begin!
Love, Jana


  1. Super sweet! I love them all and especially the "challenges"!

  2. the challenges are awesome....don't know how you have room for all those calendars tho! did you stick the kids outside? Isn't it cold there in the mountains??

  3. Wow! Can't believe you made all those. I couldn't even get 1 made this year... we're going with the chocolate-filled one from the store.

  4. What a great idea! One year my mom did a 12 Days of Christmas with us and I remember that being one of the best Christmas seasons in my memory. This will be a great one that I'm sure your kids will cherish.

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  6. I only found your site today and love it. I especially love this Christmas post, as Christmas is also my favorite time of year. I showed this to my daughter who has two tiny ones and we decided to make your traditions our traditions with them, thank you for sharing. May you and your family have a Blessed and wonderful holiday season. Bobbie


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