Monday, December 28, 2009

You Won!!

Before I announce the winners of the Giveaway-o-rama....
I want to let you know about a new feature on our blog...
Tutorial Thursdays!
Every thursday we will be teaching you different techniques, and giving you free patterns.
Make sure you come back this Thursday to see the fun we have planned.
now, the winners of the sets of patterns are-
JJ- from What's up at our house
Jana & Mario- from The Pinoli Post
Shan- from Absolute Balance
and the winner of the Penelope Ruffles purse-
Nancy- from Sewing Drama.
winners, shoot us an email at
with your address !
Thanks for joining in on the fun!!!


  1. Well, I didn't win, but I guess that just means I need to save up and do some after Christmas shopping! I'll look forward to the tutorials!! :)

  2. well then, since I didn't win.. :-( where can I get your paterns online???

  3. yay!!!! thank you so much. have sent you an email :)

  4. Congratulations to the winner's! :D

    I can't wait to see your tutorials! :D I do some tutorials on my own blog to help girls with homemaking skills, so I may send some friends your way from time to time. ;) HeHe!

    ~Miss Rachel~

  5. I love winning, but again I guess who wouldn't. I can't wait for the pattern.
    thank you so much


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