Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tutorial Thursday- Paci pouch

Due to my home being taken over by the stomach flu....
Our first Tutorial Thursday is an oldie, but a goodie.
I had a couple of babies that LOVED their paci! We had to have several on hand at all times. I remember frantically digging through the diaper bag looking for the elusive Binky, finally finding one stuck to the bottom of the bag, covered in crumbs and gunk! I wish I'd had one of these back then!!
This is a little Pacifier pocket that will hold several pacifiers. It is lined with vinyl (fused) fabric! This is a simple project that only took a few minutes to whip up!
Step 1- Make a paper pattern. One piece is 4" x 6". The other is 7" x 4 ", taper the top of this one however you would like.
Step 2- From outside fabric, lining fabric, and iron on vinyl cut 1 of each pattern piece.

Step 3- remove vinyl from backing and place on the right side of your fabric.

Step 4- place the paper, that you just peeled off the vinyl, shiny side down on top of the vinyl. Press with Iron set on Wool setting. It only takes a few seconds to fuse.

Step 5- allow it to cool, and peel the paper off. Repeat with other lining piece.

Step 6- Sew a 1" piece of Velcro about 1/2" down from the top of long piece. Sew lining together.

Step 7- Cut a one inch square out of each corner.

Step 8- Fold so side seam matches up with bottom seam and stitch across at 1/4".

Step 9- Sew the outside together the same way that you did the lining. Sew the other half of the Velcro on the front, about 1/2" down from the edge.

Step 10- Put lining inside of outer bag- wrong sides together.

Step 11- Fold the top edges in 1/4"- 1/2", pin in place, then carefully stitch around the edge.

Your Paci bag is finished!! Embellish it with whatever you want, or leave it plain!

You can make these without the fusible vinyl if you like.

Let me know if you have any questions, or suggestions!

Thanks! Lola


  1. I never would have thought to use contact paper! I have a new grandbaby coming and will definitely be making one of these!

  2. Can you use that same type of paper on bibs?

  3. Where do you buy the vinyl paper at?

  4. Do NOT use contact paper! If you try to sew through it, your needle will get very gunked up with glue!!! The product to look for is: HeatnBond Iron-On Vinyl. JoAnn's sells it, and it is usually stocked right next to the other HeatnBond fusibles in bags (like the ones for applique.

    You can purchase straight from the manufacturer's website


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