Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tutorial Thursday- Shirring

Have you tried it yet? Shirring is NOT something to fear!
Go get some shirring thread, and try it out on a scrap of fabric.
You will have so much fun, and it will look so good, that you'll want to do it all of the time.

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Shirring with Elastic Thread - Easy and Fun

*Hand wind your bobbin with Elastic Thread. Make sure you only use a light tension as you wind.

*Thread your machine, with regular thread, as you normally do. Adjust your stitch length to a medium length.

*You will be sewing on the right side of the fabric so that the elastic will be on the wrong side.

*Starting at a seam, or other inconspicuous place, begin sewing. Back stitch several stitches to secure the elastic.

*Sew a straight line.

* When you reach the end/begining of the first row, overlap the stitches about 1/4" and backstitch to secure the elastic.

*Without cutting the threads, move over a presser foot width and start sewing again. Make sure to backstitch at the beginings and endings of each shirred row.

*When you have completed the number of rows required by your pattern, steam the gathered rows with your iron. (Don't press them though)

Your gathers will tighten into perfectly shirred rows!
EASY and FUN!!


  1. Thank you I was just wondering this morning how the heck this was done. thanks to you I now know!

  2. Oh My Goodness!!! I am addicted to it! I only mastered it this morning as I made a little frock before scooting off to work. Someone had given me that extra tip yesterday as I was having trouble on the weekend with it and it worked a treat!! Love it!

  3. OK- you almost have me convinced that I can try this. I think I'll go get me some elastic thread tomorrow and give it a whirl. If it works- I think I might have to blog about it. :o)

  4. I guess I'm not quite as smart as the rest of you girls. I have tried for 4th time and still cannot get shirring to work. I'm using elastic thread (from Hancock's as that is all we have in town) and have followed the directions to no avail. alas, I may have to give up on this pattern. VERY FRUSTRATED


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