Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Who's Who III

This is the final installment of Izzy & Ivy's Who's Who.
The last person we are going to introduce to you
is definitely not the least.

Her Name is Lauralee.

This is a picture of her on a day that we had traveled, and worked, and the rest of us looked like DOG Meat!
This is what she looked like...

It's awful to be around her because she is gorgeous, and sweet, and young,
and tremendously talented.
She's one of those people that you really want to hate, but you can't because she is so dang nice!

Her only flaw is that her name is so long.  Lauralee Billingsley.
Shasta and I tried to come up with a nickname for her.
Lolly was a good one,
Lore, Lois.....

None of them fit. 
Until one fine day, when her hair was feathered in just the right way,
one of us said-

What a perfect nickname!

Lauralee laughed, and looked at us a little funny.
She is too young to know who Farrah was...until she died.

She's even pregnant in these pictures...and still looks fantastic!

She'll look like this the week after she has that baby!

We love to tease you!  You make us laugh like crazy!
You're like our overly-talented little sister..
And, you'll always be our FARRAH!


  1. Ahhh Farrahdoo, I wubba you!

  2. You guys are way to nice!! love you both like crazy!!!!

  3. She is so dang gorgeous and so dang sweet! Hi fun meeting you!

  4. Miss seeing you Farrah, come around more often!

  5. I agree...Lauralee is one of the most talented ladies i know :) Not only beautiful but so incredibly nice.....hey laur, i need to call you sometime...its been waaaay to long ;) by the way- congrats on the pregnancy- that is way exciting!!!


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