Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who's Who II

 a little girl was born,

 and her parents bestowed upon her
a Magical Name.
A name so fantastic that, when spoken, inspires the speaker to use

Jazz Hands!!

The name she was given is........

(See!! I caught you saying it with Jazz Hands!)

"Where", you ask, "did they find that Magical Name?"

"Was she named after the inspirational Shasta Daisy?"

"Then, was it the Majestic Mt. Shasta?"
Uh Uhh.

"You can't be mean she was named after the Soda Pop, "Shasta?"
Not that either!

"What in the heck!  What was she named after then?"
That, friend, I can tell you. 
There once was born, at the Zoo in Utah, a Magical beast
"The Liger"

Well, it actually looks more like this..

It is the child of a Lion and Tiger.
The Girls parents named her after Shasta the Liger.

The other Izzy & Ivy girls didn't give her a nickname because
they couldn't think of anything more wonderful
(Jazz Hands!)


  1. It could have been SOOOO much worse...story for another day :o)

  2. Seriously you have got to stop! I am running out of underwear!

  3. So where IS Shasta the Liger now? I haven't seen her at the zoo in AGES! What is up with that? Off to Google it now .... Great name BTW:)


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