Saturday, June 5, 2010

Who's Who?

Hi everyone!  This is Jana blogging.
Today I am going to answer a very important, and frequently asked question-
"What in the heck is your real name?  I hear people call you "Jana", "Lola", and "That one chick from Izzy & Ivy."

My name is Jana, but my nickname is Lola.  I never thought I'd have a nickname, but somehow this one stuck.  There are some people that only call me Lola now (Shasta)!
Where did Lola come from?  Why do I keep her around? it goes....
Way back in the early days of my youth (college) I saw a woman that had a pink beehive hairdo! She wore a pink polyester jumpsuit, had a pink poodle, and a pink car.
( She wasn't even a salesperson for Mary Kay)
I decided that her name had to be Lola....and that someday I would be just like her, probably when I was much older.(..and retired, and senile!)

Gwen Verdon
*Zoom forward several years*
My older sister, Angel, was about to become a Grandma for the first time.
She was determined that she was not going to be called grandma because she was far too young to be a grandma.
She also vetoed Mama, and Nana.
She chose to be called Juanita. (don't ask!)
Knowing that I would soon become a Great-Auntie I understood that it was time for me to change my name too.
I became, officially (???),
Grand Aunt Lola.
My darling niece has had her 4th baby.
Her oldest is 4 1/2 years old.
That is why I am Lola...again! (and again, and again......)
So now you ask: "Why all of the pictures of Gwen Verdon?"Well...She is the Lola I want to be now!
She is the coolest Lola in town......well she was before she died 10 years ago!
Don't believe me?? Watch this!!!!
 (NOT the original music.)

(This is me after the Biggest Loser! I love the ricrac edged hot pants!)
"So, Lola? Why should WE have to call you Lola?"
I've been a Mother, and an auntie for Sooooooo long that that is what I do best!
I am your Aunt Lola whether you like it or not!
So, go clean your room...... and I'll give you a treat!


  1. Uh, I'd like to know the treat first.

  2. Hi Aunt Lola!

    I am filipino and in our language LOLA means grandmother. So my Little Person calls my mom "LOLA".

    Loved the story & thanks for sharing!

  3. Maybe I should be Lola Great instead of Nana V.

  4. Jana! Lola!Juanita! LOL...I, too, have a sister named Angel! :) I love this post, by the way :)

  5. We love you no matter who you are anyway! Besides at my house you are always just so and so's mom! But I love LOLA!

  6. I like the song that goes with it....Lola..Loa, loa, know what I mean!?! You are the best Lola I know!!!!


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