Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mr. Fox...another FREE APPLIQUE for you!

We mentioned we like applique right? Henrietta has been downloaded ALOT and we thought it was only fair to give her a forest friend. Meet Mr. Fox. He is sly, quick and really cute, perfect for that little man. You can get his download here. My sister at themotherhuddle, made this version for a bag of blocks. I will be putting Mr. Fox on a onesie, pics tomorrow. I also have my wool version of Henrietta almost ready, it is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e! What will you do with Mr. Fox?

Don't forget to post your Henrietta pics, I was thrilled to send out my first Abbie Applique today!

Shasta :o)

P.S. While I am flattered that someone on etsy loves Henrietta, it kinda bums me out that she added an extra row of quills and is now selling it as her own. Here's the deal...we are offering it for free, so it shouldn't be sold. Please play fair and don't make me turn this car around!!!


  1. Ohla la I think I will have to be makeing a Mr. Fox something Maybe a cape... Boo for the Henrietta thife..

  2. cute!!!
    I have made the Henrietta, now I just need to make the clothing item to go with her..... soon, I hope!

  3. Love it. I made a Henrietta for my baby girl, I think I will add Mr Fox to a tee for my son. Thanks for the cute appliques!

  4. I can't get the applique pattern for Mr Fox. Please help!

  5. HI - I would LOVE to make a Mr Fox for my little man - but I cna't seem to find the pattern either - please help... (beg beg beg)

  6. Ditto on the Mr. Fox template.

  7. Did anyone find the Mr.Fox applique template?
    It's suuuuper cute. I would love to make one for my kids.

  8. I found it! You have to clic at the word 'here' in'you can get his download here' :-)
    It is super-cute. Thank you so much! Anna M


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