Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Diaper Bag

So I have a confession.....I am horrible at blogging.
My sister wanted me to do a blog so she could stay up to date on all my projects.
She even set up the blog for me!
Needless to say I havent posted in over a year and at that time my pictures where upside down and sideways. OOPS!!!
So I have decided to give it another chance, here goes.
Before my new little man arrived I wanted to make a diaper bag.
I wanted one with a lot of room and a cute design.
Thus the NICOLE BAG was born!!!
It is perfect as a diaper bag.
With a center zip pocket that divides the two sides and lots of pockets inside, it holds everything I need and all the stuff I don't!!!
(I found a rock in my bag the other day. No wonder it was so heavy, don't ask how it got in there I have no idea.)
Everyone needs this bag, I get compliments everywhere I go.
If you have made this one for yourself upload a picture to our flickr. We would love to see them! Here's my version. I love black, gray and mustard, FABULOUS!!!
Well there you have it, I'm off to sew. We are busy getting ready for market in October
We have 3 new designs that are so cute.
More on those to come.
Happy Sewing!!!


  1. Yeah Farrahdoo! It looks great to me, nothing upside down :o)

  2. Cute bag! Unfortunately I have no need for a diaper bag this size anymore. :(

  3. Love the bag! And although my son is well out of diapers, I still love a cute diaper bag for the size and all the POCKETS -- I carry a ton of stuff to coffee shops and the like so I can work away from home sometimes.

  4. I love this one! I already have it all cut out and am actually adding a few more pockets to it. You can never have enough pockets. :) I hope mine turns out as cute as yours!

  5. I love love love this bag! I think that I am going to have to make it in the next month or two... Baby on the way!!


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