Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ava + Ruthie = ADORABLE!!!

Carrie at Gracie Lou's mentioned that she had seen a Ruthie Romper with Ava straps. I thought I would try it out for Bella. I love it! I used fine wale corduroy, put a cheap tee with it and she'll be able to wear it thru the winter. What a fun combination, I think it turned out adorable.
I also made this up for Bella the other day. This is our Macy Giggles Dress. I have made this little dress at least 905 times, not really, but I do love to make this little ditty. I used Sandi Henderson fabrics and tacked a crocheted flower to the bodice. Once again, put a tee with it and voila...she can wear it thru the winter with leggings underneath. I love making clothes for my girls, so fun to customize and I love the feeling of completion.
What are all you working on? My next project is going to be Petunia made out of microfiber suede...she's gonna be purdy.



  1. I love layering long sleeve t shirts under my daughter's summer clothes. That Way I only have a to make a few new things for fall!

    I cant wait to see that bag!!

  2. I love making my kids clothes! None on the to do list right now though. I'm working on things for my shop and a custom order for a friend.

  3. Shasta!! It was such a fun surprise to have this post pop up! Carrie saw Miss. Livvy at Gracie Lou's in the modified Ruthie pattern. I am in love with the pattern, and have made several of them!!
    Love it with the corduroy! I am going to have to make one for fall!! I also made Henrietta, and I cannot wait to put it on Liv!
    Here is Livvy's romper:

  4. So cute! Love love that fabric on the Macy Giggles dress, perfect for fall.


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