Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spider Headband Tutorial

I LOVE Halloween.

The cooler weather, the changing leaves, and I have to admit ALL THE CANDY!

I have been working on some really fun Halloween projects and wanted to share. We have got the cutest Halloween tutorial coming next week, so we needed a fun accessory to go with it. So here is the Spider Headband. My girls had a lot of fun helping me make these.

The supplies you will need are

2 different sized pom poms

2 pipe cleaners

2 google eyes

black felt

Headband or hair clip

glue gun

Step 1: Cut pipe cleaners in half
Step 2: Twist all four pipe cleaners together in the middle. I twisted mine a couple times.
step 3: Glue the smaller pom pom to the bigger one

Step 4: Glue your googly eyes on the front of the smaller pom pom.

Step 5: Glue the legs to the bottom of your spider .

Step 6: Cut 2 teardrop shaped pieces from your felt. They need to be a little bit smaller than your spider.

Step 7: Glue one of the felt pieces to the bottom of your spider.

Step 8: Glue the spider to the headband and then glue the other felt piece over the top. This holds your spider in place really well.

step 9: Bend the spiders legs.Thats IT! Fast and easy and sooo cute. My girls didn't want to take them off. and I bet your little girl will love it too.

Remember to tune in next week for an awesome Halloween tutorial. If you think this is cute just wait till you see what I've got in store for you.



  1. That's awesome! I think Amy would love one of those. She really likes spiders. I'll have to make her one to match her Halloween spider skirt. So fun! Thanks for the great idea.

  2. Farrah! That is too cute! Macy would probably wear a headband if it has a spider on it instead of a flower! Good Job!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! I am going to make a mini version and put it on a barrett for Bella bug. You are amazing Farrahdoo :o)

  4. That is so cute! I'll have to show L in the morning to see if she'll give it the thumbs up, since I think it would be perfect with the Halloween casual set I made her.

  5. I LOVE this creepy headband! So fun. My daughter will love it.

  6. This headband is so cute and so perfect for Halloween Costume Party! Thank you so much for sharing! You did a great job at the step-by-step tutorial! I'll have to try and do this sometime.

  7. I just HAVE to make this!!!!!! So stinkin ca ute!

  8. Not sure how I missed this tutorial but I LOVE IT!

    Will be making stuff like this for my granddaughter next year for sure! This year it is a tutu and wings to be Tinkerbelle.


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