Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and the winner of the bag pattern bundle is...

We are so grateful for you! Thank you for your support, kindness and encouragement. I truly believe that the world is a much more beautiful place when people use their talents and create. Like most sewers we are sure that your creations end up in the hands of those you love and care about. Crafters by nature are selfless, giving and have really BIG OL' hearts. How lucky are we to "know" you and consider you our friends and sisters! No matter what God, or Higher Power you believe in, this time of year is so special as we reflect on things that are bigger than we are. It is a time of giving and holding those special people and memories close to our hearts. This time of year also reminds us to be thankful and look out for those that are less fortunate. I am always amazed at the ideas, hours and money crafters are willing to give to others all year. We love to give our creations to others to bring them joy or comfort, most of you do not wait to be asked. The need arises and there you are, willing, waiting and most of all excited! I personally can't imagine a better genre of friends to have, I know that I have many ladies that one single phone call and my problem is solved. Whether that involves making 22 minke blankets (yes, 22) for the seniors on my son's football team, shuttling kids, binding a quilt, testing patterns and the list goes on and on. So thank you for you being simply you! Your efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated, you are examples of what this world needs. I believe God gives talents to those who will use them to do His work, you are blessed with a talent, whether you're just learning or an expert seamstress, you were given the desire to create for a reason. Whether it's to bring comfort, joy or beauty it all serves a purpose.

May this holiday weekend and the holidays right around the corner find you safe, warm, surrounded by those you love and fabric up to your ears :o) We are so grateful and thankful for your friendship. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

The winner of the bag bundle is...

Danielle...I am sewing 18" doll clothes, some hand bags, Christmas dresses for my girls, and a few scarves for myself. I love these banners. I have one that is over 60 feet long. Our kids love it when it is hanging in our dining room, draped from corner to corner, criss crossing all over the room. Festive!

Please drop us a line Danielle with your mailing address and we'll get those right out to you!

Shasta :o)

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