Friday, November 19, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year...FREE alphabet PDF for a Christmas banner!

Cute, right? I know, I really love it! This weekend my goal is to have my house somewhat decorated for Christmas. You can download the PDF for the alphabet here. It is reversed and ready to go (you're welcome). I made a banner, but honestly, the possibilities are endless.
So here goes with the tut....

You need:
  • Felt I had a piece that was about a yard, it was oodles. Depending on what word or phrase you use will determine your quantity needed.
  • Fabric for the applique. I used 1/3 yd., but again you might need more or less.
  • Fabric for the thingamadingy at the top (can't for the life of me think of what it is really called...must be late). I bought enough to cut the strips on the bias. Bias tape would work also.
  • Heat-N-Bond Heavy. I used this because I was lazy and didn't want to stitch around my letters, but you certainly can if you want :o)
  • Ric rac, ribbon, pompoms and any other doodad you wanna put on these beauties.
  • Jingle bells, I bought the big ones, because my banner is quite large.
  • The PDF.
  • Basic sewing supplies.
Trace your letters onto the Heat-N-Bond. We reversed everything already (your welcome yet again).

Iron the pieces to the WRONG side of your fabric.

Cut it out and peel off the back. Iron the letters to the pennants. Make sure you use the acrylic setting, felt melts, unless you are using real wool or bamboo felt. I hit mine with a little steam.

Now this is how I cut out my pennant, listen and read carefully. (Sorry the image isn't rotated). If you are not going to change the size of the letters then do what I did. If you do change it, good for you and good luck figuring out how big to make your pennant. I took a 10" strip of the felt, found the center and measured and marked down 17". I took my ruler and lined it up at the top of the 10" strip and the mark, then I cut it and repeated it for the other side. Then I used that triangle to make the other six I needed. Was that awesome geometry or what?!?! Hey, it worked. Mr. Anderson would be so proud...not.

Line up your pennants right next to each other. Cut your thingamadingy strips 2.5" inches wide, piece them together if needed. Iron the strips in half with wrong sides together, like binding for a quilt. Yes, you are looking at another banner, this is my bratty little sister's (nah, she's sweet).

Lay the thingamadingy strip on the right side of the pennants with the raw edge lining up with the top of the pennants. Pin well. Sew with 1/4" seam. Iron the strip up and away from the pennant. Topstitch, you can see my gorgeous topstitching below, I love to topstitch, weird huh?

Cut your trims to the right length and attach them. I chose to put mine all right under the fabulously top stitched thingamadingy. Then for the finishing touch, stitch your jingle bells on the ends and hang that baby up! Your done, it's purdy isn't it? I love it and so did Jack :o)

Merry Almost Christmas (36 days left)!!!
Shasta :0)

Tell us what's on your sewing to do list this next week and we'll randomly pick someone for a free pattern bundle of all our bags!!!


  1. Thank You!!! I think now one of these banners are on my seing list.

    I am makeing a earwarmers a faux fur muff, sweaterbag, duct tape wallets fleas monsters and a quilt..

  2. Thank you for the reversed alphabet!!

    This week I'm finishing off a candle mat, and deciding what to start next!

  3. Oh, my goodness- I have a doorway that is screaming for one of these banners and I didn't even know it! The alphabet is so cute! Thanks so much!

  4. THANK YOU! Wow! This is such a treat! I've been wanting to make a banner! Thank you thank you!

  5. What cute banners! Thanks for the alphabet pdf, very handy.
    This week I'm planning to finish a quilted baby blanket and also a smock dress for my little girl so I can start on new projects :)

  6. That is one cute banner. I love the alphebet!! I am trying to finish my Farrah Bag. I am so excited to get it done but it seems like there is never enough time in my day:) This week it will get done. I am so ready to use it.

  7. I want to make some Christmas gifts - scarf, apron and iPad cover - now to get it all done :)

  8. I am sewing 18" doll clothes, some hand bags, Christmas dresses for my girls, and a few scarves for myself. I love these banners. I have one that is over 60 feet long. Our kids love it when it is hanging in our dining room, draped from corner to corner, criss crossing all over the room. Festive!

  9. This week I have two elephants and lots of baby and toddler clothes to make. Busy busy busy!!!

  10. I am working on a picnic quilt for my sister for Christmas and hemming a wool skirt for my mother in law! Thanks for the tutorial on the banner! I have been wanted to make a banner/bunting for the holidays.

  11. This next week I need to get started on drafting & sewing some doll clothes for the doll I gave my MIL for her birthday, she'll love getting more clothes for "Clarice" as her Christmas present.

  12. This week's sewing to do list includes finishing the quilting and binding on a Boy Scouts (Kaufman) quilt that is a Christmas present; making a fleece blanket for a birthday gift (pink and zebra!); and hopefully finishing the "Hanging Wall Pocket" (One Yard Wonders) for my kitchen. Woo Hoo!

  13. This is so cute I entered it into my Christmas contest....hope you don't links to your site and gives you all the credit! Can't wait to make one!

  14. LOVE it! This is just adorable and would be a perfect compliment to my banister! I think I have a project for next weekend!

  15. next week is flannel pj pants for everyone sewing time!

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